We are Grosvenor pools and in this article, we will explain you the beginner guide to build a pool. First of all, you have to think about the design, you need to create a vision of the pool you want. For your research, you can watch different channels, social media such as Pinterest. It will give you a vision of the design you prefer. Your inspiration can come from anywhere, and when you see something you like jot it down. We recommend this so when it will be time to create your pool you want to remember everything. Remember these factors what you should design, such as size, shape, material, pool finish, coping, add-ons. In this way, your builders can create the pool as you wish to have.

Next step is installation, this process will begin with the digging of the pool shape and installation of the iron rebar. This is a step where all planning and design will pay off. The rebar framework creates a grid around the perimeter of your pool. You will start to see your vision come to life when pool constrictors will spray heavy coating of gunite around the rebar.

When everything is set the builders will apply specially designed plaster. If you prefer to have the interesting and unique look you can add a different style. Do not be afraid to experiment with different colour and styles.

When all job is done and you have your dream pool so what should you do next. It is very important to maintain your pool to ensure that it will be safe and beautiful for a long time.
You have to use a lot of chemicals and filtration and moreover brushing your pool often to remove all algae. When you making a pool, you have to keep in mind all these expenses you will spend for the regular maintenance and cleaning. If you are ready to make your pool contact Grosvenor Pools and we will help you to make your dream come in life.