iPhone 7 Plus & iPhone 7 Red – Released & Sold Already Dubai

Every One was waiting for a shoutout from Apple regarding the new generation Apple iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus Red Color Luxury Classic Design Look.

At start when i saw these red beasts on the internet and the social media it was more like an image that maybe someone is selling a fancy cover for iPhone. but later on i realized reading this Blog Post, that Apple really Launched Something Shiny and Red.

Ok, So now after i heard the confirmation i went out with my friend roger to Dubai Marina Mall to see this thing because it looked really fancy, Like holding a Red iPhone in your hand Ohh My God, that was a happy Moment 😀

Apple iPhone 7 plus and iPhone 7 For Sale

Anyhow Just Got hands on this beauty and really its awesome !!! the best distinctive fact what apple put between these two beauties is the Camera now Have you ever seen a phone with two lenses one for wide angle and other for other?? well not that cheap thing which HTC and LG tried sometime back and really gave a bad user experience in terms of what they promised apple really got things serious this time by introducing this new Potrait Mode in the New iPhone 7 Plus Red.

If you really wanna buy this thing please follow my instructions.

Now i bought it from a mall and not any mall the Dubai Marina Mall, it costed me hell expensive then the ones selling outside and the ones selling Apple iPhone 7 Red  & Apple iPhone 7 Plus Red get it from these suppliers i really love their prices, too bad i was not able to avail them i bought it 850AED on top then what price they are offering.

Thanks for catching up people thanks for reading my Post on Apple iPhone 7 and 7 plus Red. Cheers & Thanks

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