In this article, we would like to help landlords when they are renting a property to understand what should be explained and documented in a rent property lease to avoid any issues in the future. We are Lannhill Real Estate Company in Dubai and we believe that knowledgeable client is a key to success.

  1. General Conduct

The renting property should be the win-win situation. Clients should be happy with the property and landlord has to be sure that tenant will keep the property as he received it. Tenants must behave themselves in a way that there are no complaints from neighbours – be tidy and quiet.

  1. Parking

The landlord has to specify where the tenant can park his car and where he can not park his car.  As well mention if there are any visitor parking available.

  1. Garbage removal

Tenants should be informed where is the garbage area as well is any segregation rules in the building. Make it clear that trash needs to be disposed of in a timely manner and in the right place so it will not bother neighbours.

  1. Alterations of Property

This is clear that everybody wants to have a comfortable nice home and everybody has a different taste. That’s why from the beginning you need to inform a tenant that they cannot do any changes without consulting you. You should address paint, landscaping, nail holes and anything else that tenant think might be a problem for landlord

  1. Outside Space and Common Areas

To be sure that your property stays neat, clean, and safe, inform tenants what they can store outdoors or any common areas, like a yard. Usually, big pieces that people can store outside are the grill, sports equipment, kids toys. If there any dedicated storage area let them know.

  1. Pets

If you do not want any pet in your house that should be documented as “no pets allowed on this property”. Otherwise, if you are ok with pets you should specify which animal can be kept at home and what area must stay pet-free.

  1. Plumbing Fixture

Sometimes tenants can be careless with what do they put into toilets or other drainages. You have to let them know that no garbage should go into a drain because it can cause a block which will take a lot of time and money to fix.

  1. Guests

Obviously, guest can come to visit tenant, as well as stay there overnight. However, you need to be clear that only people who are in a contact can live in the property. If you wish you can request a tenant to ask you permission if you will have to stay with you guest for long period of time.

9.Move out

You have to write down in what condition do you expect to receive an apartment after tenant moves out. As you take a security deposit from the beginning tenants has to be aware if he will fail to return the property in original condition security deposit will not be returned.